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How does Civil Chat Work?

Once you and your spouse/ex-spouse have signed up, Civil Chat matches you together and activates both accounts. Civil Chat identifies and blocks messages that may include profanity, and hate speech with quick spam filters. 

Why is there a monthly fee to use Civil Chat?

Civil Chat is free to use for 7 days after installation. If you determine Civil Chat is a good fit for you and your situation, you may continue to use our service at a low monthly fee of $4.99 per month.  Civil Chat charges a fee because the filter services incur business costs that must be recouped. Civil Chat also collects a monthly fee in lieu of selling ads. Other companies generate revenues by selling ads and user’s information. Civil Chat will never do this.

Is Civil Chat a real-time conversation?

No, there is at least a 2 minute delay in receiving messages after they are sent. In case of an emergency or need to contact the other party right away, a phone call is always recommended.

How do you recall a text?

The Recall Feature allows users to recall sent messages within 2 minutes after being sent. Once the message has been recalled, the message will be removed from the message delivery queue. To recall a text message, simply hold down the message and select delete option.

Does Civil Chat charge per message sent?

Never. Unlimited text messages are included in a monthly subscription.

When my ex sends me a new conversation, why does only the topic appear and I why can’t I respond right away?

Due to the recall feature, the message sent goes into a delivery queue where it can be deleted up to 2 minutes after being sent. Therefore, the topic of the new conversation will appear before the full message gets delivered to the recipient.

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